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Music from Code

Otso Sorvetulla

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17th March

(Art) ScienceBLR


Sounding Space: Sound in Space

Viv Corringham and Cathy Lane

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13,14 and 15th February

(Art) ScienceBLR


Composing and performing with 3D sound

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Felix Duefuel(DE) and Umashankar Mantravadi

28,October, 2017

(Art) ScienceBLR


D.I.Y Video Synthesizer workshop

 1st Sept, 2017

(Art) ScienceBLR


Instrument Building

D.I.Y Synthesizers for high school students

18th Aug, 2017

Aditi Mallya School


Signal Interuption

Glitch Machine Workshops

27th Jan,2017

(Art) ScienceBLR


Introduction to Sound Art

2 week workshop for art students

20th Jan, 2017

(Art) ScienceBLR






















Sessions at the C.A.V.E

Hemant Sreekumar &

A Flock of Invisible Angels

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07th April, 5:00 p.m



Shattered Song, Shadow City

Viv Corringham

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16th, February, 2018

Cubbon Park, Metro Station, Bengaluru

Art -in-Transit


Am I here?

Cathy Lane

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16th, February, 2018

Cubbon Park, Metro Station, Bengaluru

Art -in-Transit


Chitin (2nd construction)

Daniel Miller and Otso Sorvetulla

25, January, 2018



Bengaluru Fantastic

with Till Wyler Van Ballamoos(CH) and Nick Witty(DE)

Rangoli - M.G Road Metro Station - Bengaluru Fantastic + Reproduce Artists


Tunnel at the End of the Light

with Ron Schneider(DE)

cubbon park Metro station,Bengaluru - Art in Transit


Experimenta 10

with Till Wyller Van Ballamoos(CH), Nick Witty(DE), Ron Schneider(DE), Hemant Sreekumar(IN), Marcus Bergner(AUS) , Rox Lee(Phillipines)and Myriam Van Schmoot(Belgium)

Max Muelluer Bhavan ,Bengaluru - Experimenta


3DSoundBengaluru Concert



Listening Room

 22nd Sept, 2017

"Shoonya- Centre for Art

and Somatic Practices"


Sessions at the C.A.V.E

_RHL and Disco Puppet

 16th Sept, 2017 (Art)ScienceBLR


Listening Room

26th Aug, 2017

Upbeat Restaurant


Listening Room

July 30th, 2017

Upbeat Restaurant


UFO Under the flyover

with Wolfgang Spahn

12th July, 2017

Maximilians Forum, Munich


South Indian Disco

13th July, 2017

Rote Sonne,

Maximiliansplatz 5, 8022,



Sessions at the C.A.V.E

Something and Nothing

with Martin Hackett and Bidisha Das



The Beatless  robot band

 24th Feb, 2017



Dance Raja Dance

13th Feb, 2017

 Venkatappa Art Gallery,Bengaluru

























Artist-in-Residence Viv Corringham

Viv Corringham ´╗┐is a British singer and soundscape artist , currently based in New York. Her work includes performances, installations, radio works and soundwalks.

She is interested in exploring people's special relationship with familiar places and how that links to personal history and memory.

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Artist-in-Residence Cathy Lane

Cathy Lane is a composer, sound artist and academic. Her work uses spoken word, field recordings and archive material to explore aspects of our listening relationship with each other and the multiverse. She is currently focused on how sound relates to the past, our histories, environment and our collective and individual memories from a feminist perspective. Aspects of her creative practice have developed out of these interests and include composition and installation-based work. She also writes and lectures on these and related subjects as well as collaborating with choreographers, film makers, visual artists and other musicians.

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Performance Chitin(2nd Construction)

3:30 p.m Thursday, 25th 2018



The scales of fish; the cast-of exoskeletons of insects and arthropods; all formed from translucent, pliable, resilient chitin.


Synthesized from units of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine with twisted circuit bent visuals, overdriven speaker coils, and the torn-apart innards of electric appliances, Chitin (2nd construction) brings you the desiccated shells of modernity reimagined as utopic autogenesis.


Finnish new-media artist Otso Sorvettula and American sound artist Daniel Miller team up to present a special installation and performance focusing on their explorations of materiality, feedback and glitch.



Artist-in-Residence Daniel Miller

A native of Seattle (USA), Daniel Miller is a composer, programmer, and sound artist. His creative practice centers on perceiving and responding to the vitality latent in simple processes, materials, and technologies. Recent creative interests have included explorations of found objects, live animated interactive scores, and feedback cycles between performers and stochastic processes or acoustic automata. A former student of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Daniel is a recipient of degrees in music composition and philosophy from Lawrence University. Most recently he completed a masters degree in the Digital Musics program of Dartmouth College. Daniel is currently a Fulbright-Nehru research fellow based in Mysuru, India

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Artist-in-Residence Otso Sorvetulla

Otso Sorvettula  is a maker and media artist from Finland. He has spent the last few years at Aalto Media Lab in Helsinki and teaching creative technologies at various schools with Mehackit ( He is finishing his formal education in computer science and arts.


His works ranges from interactive installations to educational workshops exploring creative and expressive possibilities of both new and obsolete technologies. He enjoys creating sounds, building his own tools and instruments, circuit bending and sharing his work with open source licenses.


At Art Science BLR he is currently working on video circuits for exploratory and tangible video paintings.

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