The Indian Sonic Research Organisation




Bengaluru Fantastic

with Till Wyler Van Ballamoos(CH) and Nick Witty(DE)

Rangoli - M.G Road Metro Station - Bengaluru Fantastic + Reproduce Artists



Tunnel at the End of the Light

with Ron Schneider(DE)

cubbon park Metro station,Bengaluru - Art in Transit







Experimenta 10

with Till Wyller Van Ballamoos(CH), Nick Witty(DE), Ron Schneider(DE), Hemant Sreekumar(IN), Marcus Bergner(AUS) , Rox Lee(Phillipines)and Myriam Van Schmoot(Belgium)

Max Muelluer Bhavan ,Bengaluru - Experimenta


3DSB Concert

(Art) Science Lab


Listening Room

 22nd Sept, 2017

"Shoonya- Centre for Art

and Somatic Practices"


"Sessions at the Cave

_RHL and Disco Puppet"

 16th Sept, 2017 (Art) Science Lab


Listening Room

26th Aug, 2017

Upbeat Restaurant


Listening Room

July 30th, 2017

Upbeat Restaurant




12th July, 2017 "Maximilians Forum,

Under the flyover?"



South Indian Disco

13th July, 2017

Rote Sonne,

Maximiliansplatz 5, 8022,




"Something and Nothing

Martin Hackett concert"  (Art) Science Lab



"Dr.Twitchy and Mr.Spazz

The Beatless concert" 24th Feb, 2017 Upbeat Restaurant



Dance Raja Dance

13th Feb, 2017 Venkatappa Gallery